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Everything You Need to Know About Whole House Surge Protection

The modern home looks a lot different today than it did 20 years ago. Not necessarily because of how homes are built or how they look stylistic, but because of what we’re sheltering inside of our homes. High-technology appliances, home offices stocked with laptops, monitors, and wires, modern home entertainment systems, the list of electronics becoming common in households seemingly never ends!


If you have experienced an electrical blackout or a power surge, then you know the struggle of when your appliances are not turning on or are not properly functioning. You won’t be able to get your work done, you won’t be able to watch your favorite shows, and in some cases, you’re not even able to cook. At Raynor Services, our technicians want to ensure that you avoid inconveniences or disruptions caused by power surges. 


Below, we’ve compiled everything you need to know about the effects of power surges, protecting your critical electrical systems from voltage spikes and the advantages of whole house surge protection. 


What is a Power Surge? 

A power surge is an unexpected increase in energy voltage. These sudden increases are most commonly caused by downed power lines, sudden changes in power grids by nearby factories, or even in severe cases, strikes of lightning. Although power surges can strike in a fraction of a second, they can result in extreme damage to your home’s electrical systems and appliances, and even harm the people inside by way of fires or electrical shocks. Essentially, a powerful power surge can completely destroy your most costly electronic possessions in seconds. 


What are Power Surge Protectors? 

To guard your home against surges and the damage they produce, surge protectors help to restore appropriate voltage levels in your appliances or electrical systems during a sudden spike by diverting voltage power to ground wires. While power strips are often used to control individual appliances, expert technicians recommend a whole house surge protector installation to significantly reduce the risk of damage. 


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Advantages of a Whole House Surge Protector Installation: 

Even small or moderate surges can cause irreparable damage to your items. By scheduling an appointment to have a whole-house protection system installed, your entire home will be able to combat incredibly high voltage surges that other systems or protectors simply cannot. These systems protect each unique appliance such as televisions, phone lines, game systems, lighting fixtures, refrigerators, and all of your home’s outlets. 


It Is SO important that the most revised edition of the National Electrical Code of 2020 has now made it required that all new Electrical Service Replacements and Panel Replacements (ie Electrical panels, fuse boxes, circuit boards) have a Whole House Surge Protector installed as well. (Code 230.67)


Additionally, whole house surge protectors increase the value of your home, as shoppers will feel comfortable and confident that your house can properly protect their advanced electronics and appliances. 


Trust Raynor for Your Surge Protection! 

Raynor Services is a trusted team of certified electricians that install whole house surge protectors in homes throughout New Jersey! For this simple, affordable process, one of our technicians will come to your home, assess your electrical equipment and appliances, and recommend the perfect surge protector system to protect your unique home. This electrical service upgrade will increase the safety of your home, properly guard your essential appliances, and ultimately increase the future property value of your house. Give us a call at (609)-714-0505 today to schedule an appointment with the trusted team at Raynor!

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