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Heat Pumps vs. Air Conditioners

Heat Pump vs Air Conditioning Unit

Heat Pump – Photo credit: Shutterstock

Heat Pump Vs AC Unit

AC Unit – Photo credit: Shutterstock

In New Jersey, we’re known for experiencing the extreme climates of each season. Through our scorching summers, we depend on reliable air conditioning systems to keep us cool and comfortable. When the bustling winds, intense snowstorms, and low temperatures arrive in the winter, we similarly need heating systems that are up for the chilly challenge. 


Determining the right heating & cooling systems for your home can be a real dilemma, as new models come out every year, certain systems pair best with other systems, and homeowners are always looking for the most cost-effective, energy efficient, and high-performance units. When looking for the right system to cool your home, the choice is usually between air conditioners or heat pumps. Both have their own unique benefits, and deciding which is appropriate for the size, energy-use, and climate of your home should be done with the help of an HVAC expert.


So, let’s dive into the question of heat pumps vs. air conditioners, and figure out if a heat pump service performed by one of Raynor’s HVAC experts is the right decision for you! 


How are they Similar? 

The method of cooling between heat pumps and air conditioners is essentially identical. Contrary to the popular belief that these systems actively pump cold air into your home, they actually work to remove the warm air from inside and then “pump” it outside. For the conscientious homeowner, there are no dramatic differences in energy costs or efficiency because they use the same basic method.


What’s the Difference? 

The main difference between a heat pump system  and traditional air conditioning is that heat pumps are able to provide both heating in the winter and cooling in the summer, while air conditioners can only provide cool air to your home. Air conditioners are usually paired together with a furnace or other heating system to provide heat to your home when needed, whereas heat pump services can be reversed to heating mode to work all-year-long. 


Which is Best for My House? 

In areas where homeowners don’t necessarily need to worry about consistent freezing temperatures, heat pump systems can be incredibly efficient on their own and cut costs by avoiding expensive heating sources from gas. These heat pumps do not require tremendous energy to simply transfer heat inside or out. This means you can enjoy low utility costs and maximum comfort at the same time. (Especially if you have a Solar System in your home or are thinking of getting one.  This will DRASTICALLY cut down your expenses and Raynor Services install Solar systems as well!  So we can make the two completely customized to work best for your home!) Yet, in areas that experience the frigid drops of temperature longer than others, heat pumps (much like air conditioners) can also be paired with other heating equipment like furnaces. 


As for durability, air conditioners tend to last longer because of the break in usage they get during the winter months. Heat pumps run all-year providing your home with the perfect interior temperatures and thus certain models have shorter shelf life. 


Trust the HVAC Experts at Raynor! 

For both of these incredible systems, there’s no better team than Raynor to provide guidance, maintenance, repair, installation, and more! Our experienced technicians are trained to quickly diagnose your heat pump or air conditioner malfunction and fix any issue you might experience. We also offer annual tune-ups, provide emergency repairs, and have access to the best products on the market. To feel totally comfortable in the Summer, Winter, Fall, and Spring, call us today at (609) 714-0505! 



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