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Pros/Cons of Baseboard Heaters

Pros and Cons of Baseboard Heaters

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Ever wish there was a way to only circulate heat in the rooms of your home that you regularly use? If you’re tired of energy being wasted on rooms that nobody in your family uses and your utility bills showing it, then electric baseboard heaters might be the solution for you! 


Electric baseboard heaters use convection to produce heat and then circulate that heat throughout the air. These heating systems are typically found mounted under a window or on the wall to help promote this heat convection and translate cold air into warm air. They do not require any ductwork nor central heating and are perfect for maximizing comfort in the select rooms that you frequently occupy. 


The team at Raynor specializes in heating and cooling systems, and we’ve performed countless baseboard heater installations in homes across New Jersey! Below, we’ve put together a list of pros and cons for installing this heating system in your home. 



Energy Efficiency: Because baseboard heaters are designed to heat single rooms, these systems are able to easily convert warm air and regulate temperature levels consistently. Your heater will not have to work overtime to develop and transport heat across your entire home — especially to places where energy is often wasted and your family doesn’t spend much time. These systems are able to work quickly, providing you with maximum comfort in minutes and eliminating wasted heat. Because of their fantastic efficiency, you can trust that these systems are incredibly durable, lasting decades after installation! 


Affordable: Perhaps the greatest benefit of a baseboard heater installation is the money you’ll save on your energy bills! On the coldest of nights where your heating systems are needed most, your first thought is to crank up the heat to regulate interior temperatures. While this thought is obviously correct, you are paying top dollar to heat your entire home instead of just the room that you’re in and really need heating. While you’re sleeping, for example, you only really need to select bedrooms to heat overnight. With baseboard heaters, you won’t waste money on heating living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, and more for no direct benefit. 


Battling Cold Spots: Everyone has those pesky rooms in their home that never truly receive proper heating. Basements, for example, are commonly reported areas of these dreaded “cold spots.” For these hard-to-heat areas of your home, baseboard heaters can circulate warm air efficiently, and can heat up quickly only when you need them! 



Adjusting: Many homeowners are extremely particular about interior temperatures. For those who constantly like to adjust thermostat settings, central heating systems, furnaces, or heat pumps might be more beneficial for you. If you’re someone who likes to turn heating or cooling on and off frequently, baseboard heaters could conversely become a costly home feature. 


Maintenance: Baseboard heaters can become dirty quickly. Whether there is dust building up in the filters or a clog somewhere in the flow of things, their efficiency drops dramatically if not properly maintained and regularly cleaned. These systems also can reach extreme levels of heat that could potentially cause an incident. In that case, you may need to check on your heater to ensure there are no flammable materials too close to it. 


Call Raynor for Installation! 

Ultimately, the pros and cons of baseboard heaters revolve around your home and your personal heating requirements or preferences. At Raynor, our trusted, trained specialists will come to your home to analyze your current heating systems, find the most efficient solutions, and ultimately install the heater that makes the most sense for your family, your home, and your wallet. The winter winds are coming soon, give us a call at (609)-714-0505 today to ensure you’re using the most efficient, cost-effective heating system to keep your family comfortable and warm!


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