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What to Know Before You Invest in Recessed Lighting

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Most people have a basic understanding of indoor lighting, but in reality, there are all different types of lights that each have their own unique features and benefits. At Raynor Services, we have experience working with all different types of lighting installations to help homeowners to showcase their beautiful rooms in style! Even the most subtle lighting fixtures can elevate your favorite room, bringing warmth, elegance, and buzzing vibe to kitchens, basements, bathrooms, and more. 


Through hundreds of lighting installations, we’ve noticed that homeowners have become fascinated with recessed lighting. You might be asking yourself “what is recessed lighting?” Well, we’re going to explain this fan-favorite light fixture and tell you everything you need to know before you consider a new project. 


What is Recessed Lighting?

Recessed lights are installed directly in your ceilings and are made up of some sort of housing fixture and frames. These light systems are typically small and meant to illuminate or highlight certain parts of your room that you really want to stand out. Many homeowners love them because they feel ceiling light systems are bulky, outdated, or take up too much space. With recessed lighting fixtures, all you need to do is drill for housing, trim for insertion, and screw your bulbs right in. Even within the category of recessed lighting, there are all types of models and variations for you to choose from! 


What Type of Lighting is Best for You? 

Downlights are perhaps the most popular version of recessed lighting. These lights act, as their name suggests, to point directly down and shine on prominent areas of your home. Maybe you want your granite kitchen countertop to shine or you want a certain hallway illuminated for guests or for walking in the middle of the night. There are all different types of sizes and functions to choose from, so speaking with a professional will help you ultimately decide what the best fit is for you. 


Remodel or New Construction? 

Depending on your home and schedule, there are a few options available as far as the installation as well. New construction fixtures require some work, as technicians will need to screw the frame to the ceiling, trim the parts for a tight fit, and ensure that nothing falls out or wires are misplaced. If you have a ceiling that does not enable you to run proper wiring through it, then you may need a complete remodel. If you can avoid a remodel, it is certainly less expensive because there are fewer complications and less craftsmanship required. 


How To Wire Them?

When you’re working with wires or thinking of conducting any sort of electrical work, we recommend you leave it to the professionals. Not only can it be incredibly unsafe for the untrained person to interact with lighting equipment or wires, but it can also cause further complications or damage in the future. To wire recessed lighting, you’ll need to ensure that connections are made in your junction box that attaches directly to the fixtures. When certified technicians, like the ones at Raynor, install your recessed lights, you won’t need to worry about them giving out, losing efficiency, or wasting your bills. 


Lights, Camera, Raynor! 

Call the experts at Raynor today to completely transform your favorite living space! We’ve installed countless recessed lights and have worked with homeowners across New Jersey to discover the most elegant and functional possibilities for their unique homes. Give us a call today to request a quote and learn more about this installation process at (609)-714-0505!







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