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Why Your Heat Pump Is Not Keeping Your House at the Right Temperature

broken heat pumpWhen it’s cold outside, you depend on your home’s heating system to keep everyone inside warm and comfortable. If you set your thermostat to 70, you expect your heat pump to heat your house to that temperature, right? When your HVAC system can’t seem to reach or maintain the desired temperature, it’s not just an annoyance, it’s also usually a sign that something isn’t quite right. Below, the experts at Raynor Services explain why this happens and why you don’t need to panic. 

Why Is My Heat Pump Not Reaching the Set Temperature?

In Southern New Jersey, home and property owners are no strangers to freezing temperatures. We experience many days where the temperatures dip below 32 degrees Fahrenheit. When this occurs, your heat pump will struggle to keep up with the heat loss, so it will never reach the desired temperature without the help of a supplemental heat source, like an electric resistance heater. If it isn’t excessively cold outside and the temperature is above freezing, and your heat pump still isn’t reaching your set temperature, this could indicate a problem. 

Fortunately, the most common issues associated with ineffective heat pumps are easily fixed. Keep reading to learn what might be causing your heat pump from reaching the desired temperature and what you should do.

The outdoor unit is iced over.

If your thermostat is below 70 degrees Fahrenheit during extremely cold weather, it’s not uncommon for your outdoor unit to frost or completely freeze up. If this is the case, run a defrost cycle to remove the snow or ice.  

The outdoor unit isn’t running.

If your system is having trouble turning on or not running at all, it won’t be able to reach the temperature you set indoors. Ensure all your vents and registers are open and check the power supply. If that doesn’t fix the problem, you’ll want to call a professional to diagnose the issue and recommend the best solution. 

Too much cold air is entering the house.

Leaks around windows and doors can let in a significant amount of cold outdoor air. When this happens, your heat pump will struggle to keep up. Try minimizing this by sealing air leaks and ensuring there’s adequate insulation in your attic, basement, and other vital areas around your home. 

Your vents are closed.

It may seem obvious, but sometimes something as simple as forgetting to open your vents can cause your heat pump to struggle to maintain the desired temperature. Check around your home to ensure your supply and return vents are open to allow heat in. 

These instances are all problems that you could potentially fix yourself. Several other common issues require professional attention, including the following:

  • Burned heat strips 
  • Defective capacitors 
  • Faulty fans 
  • Broken blowers 
  • Burned wires 
  • Non-calibrating thermostats 
  • Low refrigerant charge 
  • Refrigerant flow-related problems 
  • Poor efficiency 
  • Bad compressor valve 
  • Compressor not running 
  • Lack of heat pump maintenance 

Heat Pump Installation and Maintenance With Raynor Services

If you are looking for a reliable company that offers expert heat pump maintenance and installation services, look no further than the HVAC contractors at Raynor Services. If your heat pump is freezing up, making odd noises, or simply not generating enough heat, we can fix any problem. Our technicians have years of industry experience and knowledge and feel confident quickly diagnosing the issue. Contact Raynor Services today at 609-454-6655 to schedule a service.

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