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Ways to Upgrade Your Interior and Exterior Lighting

lighting upgradesYou might not have considered this before, but your home’s lighting is one of the most powerful design tools you have. Strong lighting enhances an area and provides style on its own, but it also controls your sightlines and directs the eyes where you look when you enter a room.

Lighting options are constantly evolving with new designs, styles, and technologies. Besides modern lighting options providing the most current and fresh looks, it will also ensure the most energy-efficient technology to keep your energy costs low and save you money.

Interior Lighting Upgrades

The first thing you should do for any of your interior lighting upgrades is to switch to LED bulbs. Get rid of fluorescent or incandescent lighting and switch to energy-efficient and long-lasting LED lighting. Layering your lighting with a unique blend of ambient, task, and accent lighting can create amazing depth and contrast throughout a room. Our Raynor Services technicians specialize in indoor recessed and track lighting to dramatically improve the look of your home. 

Besides switching out your light bulbs, you can also upgrade your lighting by changing the light switches. Start with choosing some stylish light switch covers, and finish with installing dimmable lights that can lower your electricity bill and give you flexibility for softer levels of light depending on the time of day. Lastly, the options for unique lighting designs are endless. Upgrade your lighting fixtures with vanity, sconce, recessed, track lighting, or ceiling-mounted fixtures to vary your lighting throughout the house. Once you have selected a fixture, get creative with some of your locations. From under-cabinet lighting in your kitchen or bathroom to chandeliers in unexpected places, putting traditional lighting in untraditional places can give your home a fun and innovative look.

Exterior Lighting Upgrades 

Many people will focus on the inside of their home but neglect the outside when planning redesigns. Not only is the exterior lighting of your home the first thing that everybody will see, but it can also significantly improve safety. Installing a floodlight illuminating your house, driveway, or yard is one of the easiest ways to increase your home’s security. You can even install motion-sensor lights that automatically turn on when somebody enters your property. This is a great way to increase safety while keeping your energy bills down. Just like with the interior of your home, put some thought into your exterior lighting. You can still layer your lighting types, select unique fixtures, and find creative locations for lighting the outside of your home. Spotlights, uplights, garden lights, patio lights, and driveway lighting can highlight select features of your home and provide a warm and welcoming environment for guests.

Upgrade Your Interior and Exterior Lighting with Raynor Services

From the design to the installation, Raynor Services can improve the style and safety of your room with upgraded indoor and outdoor lighting throughout your home and property. Our expert local electricians are experienced in all aspects of lighting and installations. We provide the highest quality service to increase your home’s value and efficiency while decreasing energy costs. Call Raynor Services today at 609-714-0505.

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