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Accent Lighting Creates Focal Points Around Your Home

A customer replaced a bulb in her accent lighting and it still did not work. We switched out the fixture and all lights operated as normal.
Accent lighting creates light without it shining directly onto a person. It instead shines light upward onto a piece of art or architectural feature in a home. Accent, or indirect, lighting must be combined with other lighting type and light fixtures because using only indirect lighting won’t be bright enough for every day use.
If you are trying to add a little something extra to your home, or even just a specific room, accent lighting is a great way to do that. Other than improving the decor of your home, what other benefits are there for this type of lighting?

Benefits of Indirect Lighting

  1. No harsh lighting: If you host a lot, you can’t really go wrong with having these lights installed. Because the fixtures are normally angled upward, the result is a more filtered and indirect type of light. This is better for many people’s eyes because it’s not as harsh as a typical ceiling light.
  2. They can help soften the lighting of a room: At night, it can sometimes be hard to determine what kind of light you want. Do you need a lamp turned on? Is just the TV light enough? Accent lighting can provide the perfect amount of light/
  3. Highlight a feature you are proud of: Did you just purchase something really cool you want people to pay attention to? This is a great way to make it the center of attention.
  4. Creates focal points around your home: This becomes especially important when there really aren’t any other focal points around.

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