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Reasons to Upgrade to Energy-Efficient Lighting


benefits of energy efficient lighting

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As many industrial appliances are pivoting towards energy-efficient replacements, your company’s lighting installations should be no different. In fact, energy-efficient lighting not only dramatically reduces company usage and maintenance costs but also improves the quality of light while leaving a much smaller carbon footprint than traditional lights.


These lights essentially reduce the amount of energy typically used to power standard lights. By installing these lights, you are making a long-term investment that’s benefits will show immediately. Small business owners have reported that retrofitting their old lighting has been one of the simplest ways to increase energy efficiency.


When deciding to make a switch in something as fundamental to your business as lighting, it is important to understand all of the factors that make efficient lighting a fantastic option.


Here’s a handful of reasons why you should make the upgrade!

1. Reduced Energy = Reduced Cost

The United States Department of Energy calculates that by 2027, the widespread use of energy-efficient lighting systems can create a total savings of more than $30 billion. As these lights can reduce your company’s energy consumption by up to 80%, they will also reduce your utility bills! A lighting upgrade similarly helps employees control their lighting stations more efficiently, eliminating wasted fixtures.

2. Improved Quality

As your business continues to grow, your new technology needs to be supported by appropriate lighting upgrades. Not only can you truly rely on energy-efficient lighting for your infrastructure, but they actually provide a better quality of light, reduce distracting flicker, and improve color. These systems can also use designs to overcome any of your most irritating lighting issues.

3. Less Maintenance and Labor

Energy-efficient lights on average last approximately 50 times longer than traditional incandescent lights, meaning you can prolong equipment replacements while focusing on running your business! New systems also are proven to result in fewer light failures that deter meaningful company hours and create even more maintenance costs.

4. Environmentally Friendly

Energy-efficient lights draw from less energy than normal lighting, as far less heat production can produce an even better result. This reduction of energy use can help decrease the amount of greenhouse gas emissions and pollutants produced from power plants. Traditional lighting also contains toxic mercury not found inefficient lights, which means they cannot be properly recycled.

5. Employee Productivity

You need your employees to feel confident and focused to be at their best. Studies show that better lighting in the workplace can help boost employee attention, productivity, and enthusiasm. 


Do you still have questions about the advantages of energy-efficient lighting for your business? The experts at Raynor Services are here to help you! We have a team of expert contractors who specialize inefficient lighting upgrades that would be happy to explain why this option has become so popular amongst business owners. We are here to provide the best light so that you can see increased productivity and savings! Give us a call at 609.454.6655 today or contact us here to get a quote!



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