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Air Conditioner Refrigerant Leak in Cherry Hill, NJ


It May Be More Cost-Effective to Get a Whole New System

Anytime a customer calls us to say his or her air conditioner isn’t cooling sufficiently, one of the main reasons why is that it’s low on coolant. The only reason why this happens is because the system has some sort of leak. Air conditioners are closed systems; they don’t run out of refrigerant.
If this happens to you, you have two choices. You can opt for the temporary fix, a refrigerant recharge, or you can have the leak repaired. A leak repair can be expensive, so you need to determine whether or not it would make more sense to have your system repaired or replaced. If the system is older, you may be better off purchasing a new one.
If you decide to have a recharge, you need to be aware that the problem will only come back later. More than likely, your system is older and runs on Freon, a type of refrigerant that is being phased out because it harms the environment. The harder it gets to find Freon, the more expensive your recharges will get.
Call Raynor today so that we can take care of your refrigerant leak. If you decide to purchase a new system, we’ll make sure you have the one that is exactly right for your home.

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