Most people don’t know where the utility company’s responsibility ends and where theirs begins when it comes to the equipment that powers their homes. Basically, the utility provider is responsible for metering the electricity that enters your home. There is some equipment, however, that is actually your responsibility to maintain, not the utilities.

You may have heard of the service entrance cable and the meter socket. You, not the utility company, are responsible for this equipment. If you need help with service entrance cable and meter socket installation in Southern New Jersey, call the professionals with Raynor Services.

Electric Utility Equipment Responsibility

If you have a wire overhead that runs to your home from the utility pole in your alley or street, you have overhead electric service. The cable that runs from the pole to your home is known as the overhead electric cable. While your utility is responsible for that cable, you will be responsible for the cost of repairs if you damage it.

The area where the overhead cable connects to your home is known as the weatherhead. This piece of equipment is your responsibility. A weatherhead with a loose connection can lead to a voltage problem that can cause damage to your electronics, or even an electrical fire.

The service entrance cable runs from the weatherhead to the electric meter. That cable connects your home’s electrical service panel to that meter. You must take care of any necessary repairs to that cable, and only an electrician can perform these repairs.

Call Raynor Services if you have any questions at all in regard to what pieces of the utility grid are your responsibility, and which pieces are the responsibility of the utility company.