You can add style and safety to your home by having Raynor Services install indoor and outdoor lighting upgrades on your property. We will not only install your lighting, we can also help you design the right look for your needs. This type of lighting can also help your home’s resale value.


When you call us, we’ll help you determine the exact look that you want and make sure that it provides worry-free performance for years.


Indoor Recessed and Track Lighting Services

Our electricians are experienced in several areas of indoor lighting upgrade installations, and we are licensed and insured. We provide services such as:

  • Recessed and Track lighting design
  • Re-wiring and Repair
  • Security lighting
  • High-efficiency lighting, dimmer switch installation
  • Bathroom and Kitchen light fixture installation

You’ll never have to worry about us having to head back to the shop to get more parts because our trucks will have everything we need to get your indoor lighting upgrade installation taken care of as quickly as possible. These parts include:

  • Ceiling fans
  • Exterior lighting fixtures
  • Motion-controlled security lights
  • Interior decorative light fixtures
  • Recessed cans
  • Under counter lights
  • LED night lights
  • Fluorescent light fixtures


Benefits of Indoor Recessed and Track Lighting

As stated earlier, you can dramatically improve the look of your home by taking out your outdated lighting and updating light fixtures to indoor recessed and track lighting. Additionally, by updating light fixtures,you can also make your home more attractive to potential buyers. We offer energy-efficient dimmer switches, under-cabinet lighting, and several more custom options.


Indoor and Outdoor Lighting Upgrades

When you call Raynor Services for your indoor and outdoor lighting installation, you’ll add ambiance and even increase your home’s safety. We can help you design a system that will have the inside and outside of your home looking great and make sure it is installed correctly the first time.

Trying any sort of lighting installation on your own can be dangerous if you don’t have any experience. Call us to make sure it is done as safely as possible.


Selecting Indoor and Outdoor Lighting

We will help you select the right lighting system for your needs, making sure it not only looks great but also works right. We will check the inside and outside of your home to make sure you get a system that is right for you.

You can count on us for everything, from plant lighting to soft lighting for your bathroom or bedroom. We will provide an indoor lighting upgrade that is energy-efficient to help keep your energy bill as low as possible every month.


Indoor and Outdoor Lighting Upgrade Installation

Your installation process will depend on the location of your lighting and the type of lighting you want to be installed.

We may, for instance, add your indoor lighting to one of your home’s existing circuits. We might have to add circuits or wiring if you are adding lighting to a remodeled area of your home, or there are no electrical connections in the area you want outside lights added. This will obviously take longer, but our work will bring you a lighting system that will work properly for years and will be in compliance with all local codes.


Reasons that Lights Flicker

There is a certain amount of voltage that needs to be used so that current can flow freely through a wire. This is referred to as “resistance” and leads to various appliances getting less voltage. When appliances turn on and off, that affects the amount of voltage that is going to your lights. As a result, they flicker.

Many appliances also have what’s known as “inrush current,” which leads to a significant voltage drop. This means that when an appliance first turns on, it draws a great deal more current. If you have your electrical system updated, this flickering can be greatly reduced.


When Flickering Lights are Signs of Larger Problems

If flickering only happens every once in a while, then you probably don’t have a reason to be worried. But if you haven’t had any work done on your electrical system and the flickering happens more often, then you could have a more serious problem that needs to be addressed immediately.

If you live in Burlington County, NJ, Ocean County, NJ, Atlantic County, NJ, Camden County, NJ, call Raynor Services and we will take care of all your indoor or outdoor lighting needs, no matter how large or small your job may be. We will get your installation done quickly and get it done right the first time!