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Air Scrubbers

Air scrubbers can be used for various jobs and restorative tasks. Many times when you’re working or restoring a house, maintaining or fixing a leaky furnace, or just fixing your large appliances in general, the air surrounding you can become filled with harmful particles in an instant. An air scrubber is a perfect, portable defense against any exposure to harmful bacteria or particles while you work. Raynor Services would be happy to maintain, repair, or provide you with an air scrubber today!

How They Work

An air scrubber is quite an easy system to use. Set it in the middle of the area that will be exposed to harmful particles, and power it on while you work. The air scrubber, through a system of filters, pulls contaminated air into it and outputs fresh air that will keep you and your workers out of harm’s way. The size, type, and complexity of the air scrubber are heavily dependent on the room you’re using it in, as well as what sort of particles/gases you are likely to be exposed to. 

Benefits of Air Scrubbers

  • Protection from Toxic Gases
  • Protection from Airborne Contaminants
  • Ensured Health of Workers and Building Occupants During a Job
  • Limits Spread of Contaminants to Other Areas

Worksite Contaminants That Air Scrubbers Protect Against 

  • Chemical Fumes
  • Lead
  • Mold
  • Dust
  • Asbestos
  • Carbon Monoxide

Raynor Services wants to make sure that when the job needs to get done, it gets done right without any hazards or health liabilities. That’s why we carry and maintain air scrubbers for your protection. If you live in Burlington County, NJ, Ocean County, NJ, Atlantic County, NJ, and Camden County, NJ, and you are searching for a reliable HVAC company, look no further than Raynor Services!

Call Raynor Services today to inquire about Air Scrubbers and the benefits you could be missing out on by not setting one up at your worksite!

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