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Attic Fan Replacement in Cherry Hill, NJ


Fairly Easy Job You Can Tackle Yourself

We perform jobs similar to this fairly often, but if you’re handy with tools and you have some experience, you may be able to handle this type of project yourself. Here are some general guidelines. Always make sure that you thoroughly read your manufacturer’s instructions before taking on this type of work.

  1. Turn off the breaker that supplies the fan with power and then disconnect the wires from the old fan. Take out the screws and pull out the old model.
  2. Put in the new fan and then take off the regulator cover. Make sure that the regulator is securely fastened to a rafter or stud. Then, put a cable clamp in the hole and work it through the clamp before tightening.
  3. Attach the wires per your manufacturer’s instructions. You have to make sure you follow these instructions exactly or your home could be at risk of a fire.
  4. Reattach the regulator cover and set the fan’s control temperature. Most manufacturers recommend setting it at 95 degrees to balance energy efficiency with cooling power.
  5. Turn on the breaker and make sure the fan is working normally.

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