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Electrical System Inspection in Medford, NJ

Have an Electrical Inspection Performed Before Signing the Dotted Line

A customer was selling his house, and about a year before he finished his basement, he had replaced an existing light fixture with six recessed lights.
The buyer of the home wanted an inspection, and the inspector wanted an electrician present to make sure the replacement was safe.
An electrical inspection is important to make sure that your future home’s wiring is safe and secure before you sign on the dotted line.
You will not only have peace of mind knowing that your wiring is safe, you’ll know that you shouldn’t have to worry about any electrical system-related hassles for a long time.
And, if you are the seller of a home, having updated electrical systems – including fuses, outlets, and breaker boxes – will make the house more appealing to buyers.
People don’t want to invest in a home that is going to constantly have problems. Fixing all potential issues before selling could mean you get more money for your home.
If you need to schedule an electrical inspection of a home, call Raynor Services today!

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