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How to Stay Warm in Winter While Saving Money on Heating


how to stay warm in winter while saving money on heating

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We’re all familiar with the frigid temperatures and the whistling winds of New Jersey winters. The cold weather outside makes you even more inclined to blast the heating indoors, causing dramatic increases in your energy bills. Keeping your bills low is clearly important to you, but making sure that you and your family are comfortable and warm is equally essential. This tricky situation can sometimes feel like a lose-lose dilemma. 


Luckily, there are certain ways to heat-up the house without breaking the bank. Check out some of our tips below on how to save money on heating during the cold winter months: 


Managing the thermostat: 

It is a common misconception that periodically altering your thermostat can increase your energy bills. A repetitive and regular change of temperature will certainly do that, but creating settings to lower your thermostat during dormant periods is actually a great way to save energy. For those long periods of time when your kids are at school or you’re at work, lower the thermostat 10-15 degrees. You can also lower the temperature throughout the night while you’re sleeping. With the introduction of smart thermostats, you’re able to manage your system while you’re away for eight hours of the day, so your heating unit isn’t using energy until you actually need it. 


Prevent leaking heat:

You pay hard-earned money to ensure that your house is heated and comfortable, yet a good percentage of that heat is often wasted. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, up to a third of a home’s heat loss can come from escaped air through doors or windows. One of the most common and affordable ways to reduce leaks is by using caulk to seal the small cracks on your windows during the winter. Filling up these leaks can save your household hundreds of dollars annually and eliminate even more drained energy. 


Replace air filters, upgrade furnace: 

Old or dirty air filters typically create a blockage in the heat circulation process, causing your HVAC system to work much harder than it usually should to generate proper airflow. When your HVAC unit is overworked like this, it uses much more energy to reach your selected temperature, resulting in a bigger bill for you. The winter, when your furnace gets the most work, is a great time to check your filters and replace them with new ones. 


Oftentimes, however, your filter isn’t the only thing causing a clog. Replacing your old furnace with an upgraded system may seem like a big expense now, but over time it can increase your savings and exponentially cut down on the amount of energy needed to heat your home. Many Americans still use the old furnace that came included with the house. A newer, more efficient furnace could be the solution for your home to enjoy uninterrupted heat at a more reasonable cost this winter.


At Raynor Services, our technicians have over two decades of experience in heating repair services, heating system maintenance, and new heating system installations. We even offer emergency heating repairs to get your heating system back in action in no time.


We are approved SJGas Contractors as well as Certified and Licensed in New Jersey Home Performance Program.  These are programs that give you free money by increasing your HVAC system to increase your efficiency.  


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